“Normal work hours important to wellbeing”

Source: Residential Property Manager

An award-winning property manager has opened up about his struggle with bipolar disorder and running a successful property management business in his new book, Bipolar: a path to acceptance.

Bernie Mitchell, managing director at Focus Property Management was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1998. At that time he said he was “unemployable”.

“For two and half years I lived off government benefits,” he told Residential Property Manager.

“I would bounce from job to job, I maybe thought I could be a cleaner or a pizza delivery man. I definitely didn’t think I would own my own business or write my own book.”

But with persistence, love from his family and a strong support team, Mr Mitchell went on to open his own business.

It was then he had the idea to write his experience down, hoping to raise awareness for other suffers of the mental illness.

“I wanted to educate and inspire people who were suffering like I was,” he said. “Everyone has a challenge, mine was bipolar but they come in all different shapes and sizes.”

On Thursday March 14 after 520 hours of writing, over 90 friends, family, clients and business colleagues of Mr Mitchell’s converged on his Sydney office for the launch of the book.

“It was a great night, with a great turnout,” he said. “The overall support was amazing.”

The book retails for $24.95. For more information visit Mr Mitchell’s website.

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