Just 1 in 10 real estate emails read: report

Source: Residential Property Manager

Only 10 per cent of emails sent by real estate agencies are read by consumers, according to a recent email intelligence report.

The 2013 Australia and New Zealand Email Intelligence Report prepared by Return Path benchmarked over 500 Australian brands in 24 industries. It found the real estate industry had one of the lowest engagement levels.

The study also found that email marketing continued to be a key struggle for Australian businesses, with 20 per cent of emails never reaching the target audience.

Two per cent of the missing emails went to spam while the other 18 per cent went missing or were blocked.

Digital marketing and communications agency Loop Media found similar results with its e-communication statistics. The data looked at the average unsubscription, open and bounce rates of their clients on the first point of communication.

Real estate had an unsubscription rate of 5.4 per cent, an open rate of 35 per cent, and a bounce rate of 22 per cent. This was in contrast with education which scored 1.6 per cent, 49 per cent and eight per cent respectively.

Loop Media director Ross Campbell told Residential Property Manager’s sister publication, Real Estate Business, the low scores for real estate were due to agencies not personalising their emails.

“They’re just sending generic communication and they’re not speaking to the person relevantly,” he said.

Mr Campbell said agencies could improve their email marketing if they employed a marketing professional or engaged a supplier.

“We are all so busy in our core businesses these days. Unless they’re prepared to take on a marketing person and invest in the technology to be able to do it, it will be very very hard.”

Focus Property Management managing director and licensee Bernie Mitchell said agencies needed to segment their audiences and to give them specific information that was useful.

“Our emails are very short, they’re straight to the point and they provide information that our clients want, it’s not some long fluffy newsletter,” he said.

“You’ve got to build trust and know that opening that email is not going to waste their time; it’s what they want. And if you breach that, it’s going to affect your open rates later on.”

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