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Short and sweet business plans are key

Source: Residential Property Manager

Tough but realistic deadlines are the key to keeping an effective business plan, an award winning property manager had said.

Bernie Mitchell, managing director at Focus Property Management, has focused his business plan this year on the growth of his company's website, a job that entails changing deadlines and a team of outsourced workers.

"I always set very tough deadlines for myself, but I have learnt to be realistic over the years, especially when it comes to the website," he told Residential Property Manager.

"Writing a business plan is like a basic road map, the actual journey might not always be as straightforward in reality.

"It is important to be practical with you expectations of yourself and for the people around you."

This practicality is also important when writing up the business plan Mr Mitchell said.

"When I first began writing a business plan it use to be this big comprehensive document but over the years it has changed," he explained.

"Now it is a one page thing that sits on my desk.

The reality is that if it doesn't fit on one page you won't action your goals, he said.

"You can't achieve everything you want in business in a short space of time of a year or two business plan.

"You need to focus on small things throughout that year to get a better response."

Mr Mitchell's 2013 business plan focuses on growing his website especially its "backend" capabilities with the CRM in the back ground and creating and nurturing leads over the longer-term.

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